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Thread: Triple Live

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    Triple Live

    Just thinking about Triple Live, after reading Beyonce drop a live album
    last night.

    The album has 40 songs on it, and goes for over two hours, its taken from her coachella

    Now Triple Live is taken from his 2014-2017 tour, we have gotten the fan mix, but
    realistically (not positive or negative) how many songs should we expect to be on
    the album??

    Now he's going to include Housekeeping :-) which is parts of songs.

    I think all up, there must be around 12 songs on each disc, so around 36 songs? Would that
    be a fair guess??

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    I think that's a fair guess!

    I'm hoping this thing is EPIC!! I loved the version he put in the Live Anthology, and to think there are songs that are going to be added is awesome.

    Let's see , I mean its gotta have Much Too Young, To Make You Feel My Love, and he promised me on Studio G that it would have All American Kid.

    I'm trying to think what else we can look forward to on this thing! Housekeeping stuff would be EPIC!
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