Victory goes to the Machine, there hasnt been a bigger victory since the might of the Canterbury
Rams played the Wellington Saints. in the New Zealand Basketball league in 1986.

First the Good....

Garth Brooks come back tour 2014-2017 was brilliant, you cant argue with 6.4 Million tickets sold. For those
that saw it, you saw something special.

His album Man against Machine despite not putting up massive numbers was excellent, one of his best.

Facebook Live is a Great way for Garth to connect with his fans despite some cheesy questions.

He won several awards at various Country music award shows.

Fanmix of triple live was great.

His Two anthologies were solid efforts.

Notre dame in the ice and snow looked amazing.

But concerts and products are just part of it.

The Machine has kicked Garth in the ass every step of his comeback.

From the horrible Ghost Tunes, to the last few days debacle with talkshoplive, to little or no
promotion for Man against Machine, to a horrible sound system at Atlanta Stadium, to announcing
to the upper decks of Yankee stadium that the show had been cancelled when it hadn't, for 2018's
way of having announcements for announcements for announcements, to three years of calling ya
tour a world tour and hinting you will play overseas, then at the VERY end saying you wont, for hinting
maybe one day you will join youtube or itunes or spotfiy but sticking with just amazon, even for the
bizarre opening facebook video, to GunSlinger being lost in all the boxset hype and duet albums,
to getting people to pre order an album and not releasing it for a year, to firing a phone,
it's been one huge mistake after the other.

I for the life of me, that an artist of Garth's stature would make such a big mistake with a big
product launch. With all due respect to talkshowLive, this shouldnt happen, and it makes Garth
look like an amateur.

So from here on in, what should Garth do in 2019??