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    When i was younger, i had most albums in cassette format, i even had 8 track tapes. That all changed the day Garth Brooks - Sevens came out, i bought cd format and i was happy about it. I never had vinyl records except for my parents collection i would listen too. I always liked the sound of vinyl but it seemed like it was a dying format. Now thats about to change. Looking forward to getting Garth for first vinyl collection just like he was my first cd. You all might say i was late for the cd time but i was a kid and i didnt start working until 1997 at an official job just got a car that year too.
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    I am ols...LOL. I started with vinyl. Bought 45's every weekend. Then 8 tracks came out. Didn't like them because it took so long to get to certain songs. Loved cassettes since you rewind them and they were compact. Been a big CD fan. Mainly because of size also. But still love vinyl. Have some of collection from childhood. Loved the sound and ability to play same song over and over. For cars I loved CDs but overall listening at home, vinyl rules. And since I don't drive anymore I don't need a compact instrument to play in car anymore. I am very excited by vinyl release not only as a fan but as a collector. As a fan I will love music from Garth on this format. I hope he leaves in this hisses and other sounds. I remember listening to Led Zepplin and other bands with the headphones on, laying on the living room floor. Good times. As a collector it will be nice to have an album cover to read. I hope it has liner notes and lyrics on the inside. CD booklets are nice but prefer the larger format that an album offers. I hope makes vinyl affordable. It will be expensive to have to buy three copies of each album. I will find a way but it will be worth it. I have been buying Michael Buble's and Barenaked Ladies on vinyl and am thinking of getting some catlog music since Target and Wally World and Barnes and Noble are selling vinyl now. I saw on Billboard that cassettes were making a comeback. I gave all my Garth cassettes away years ago. That is one format I probably won't get excited about unless he does something different with them. Looking forward to vinyl, thanks for the topic Scarecrow.

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    I had everything on cassette, too, until the 1998 Limited Series boxed set came out. I also had the four VHS tapes he released in the 90s.

    Now, I have three boxed sets and the Entertainer DVD set.

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