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Thread: Garth's 2019 Tour what will his entrance be??

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    Garth's 2019 Tour what will his entrance be??

    Any guesses.

    First tour: the dry ice thing walking on stage.
    Second tour: Glass elevator
    Third tour: The Piano
    Fourth Tour: Big screen man against machine shadow.
    Fourth tour part two: Montage of tv specials and achievements then Just popped up on stage.

    Notre dame, he walked from the players locker room to stage??????

    Will that be the same, or do you think, there will be some other entrance?

    Also what would people like to see?

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    I'm just curious if his stage set up will be the way that it still is shown on Ticketmaster. I think if it stays the way it is, that'll dictate his entrance.

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    I think it would be kinda cool if his entrance is not just walking to the stage but something dramatic.

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    If I was designing Garth's Live Show and entrance here is what I would do.

    This would work better in Indoor stadiums of course.

    Im not sure if he still does this, but have the guy over the intercom system do the usual Intro and of course ending the intro with him screaming "THERES ONLY FIVE

    If its a spider stage, have each band member walk out on each part of the stage,one at a time, with their face on the big screen.

    Once they're all in position. turn the stadium lights off, to make it pitch black.

    Then you hear Garth laughing/chuckling.

    Turn the stage lights back on, he's still not there.

    Then its throw back time, the stage opens up and hes jumps out like in the video for aint going down.

    He opens with All Day Long, the set list is changed to make it more retro, he drops songs such as two pina colada's and that summer, but brings back
    we bury the hatchet and American Honky Tonk Bar association, what she doing now.

    He jokes inbetween songs, with the crowd and his band members.

    He doesnt smash guitars or fly over the audience. But there is more running about, and he does bring back the water tossing, and jumping around.

    Since there is no Trisha on this tour, he sings full versions of songs like the cowboy song.

    At the end of his set, for the first encore he does the music history thing, two or three songs from classic artists. He then does a second encore, where he goes crazy.

    He then thanks the audience and does one more full version of a song, that may mean a lot to that city.

    Plus during the concert there has to be a wow moment, something he does or says that surprises everybody.

    Thats what I think it should be.

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