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Thread: The Ultimate Hits

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    The Ultimate Hits

    I think it was interesting that TUH is still charting. My questions are where is it being sold? How many copies are left once Garth put on the label Final Pressing? And why is it showing up on the country chart with Triple Live coming out? Does this mean a new Greatest Hits will be released to tie in with his 30th anniversary?
    I am glad to see he is still selling and charting with his catalog. I hope he limits hsi 30th anniversary to just Garth Brooks and not the rest of his catalog. I would love to see a special edition of his first album with a second disc of extras from that recording period be it songs, outtakes of the songs on album...etc. I would put 30th anniversary on the sleeve of the CD and a Diamond Series logo on the front. Even a dvd of his first year would be cool.
    So why is TUH still selling? I can see it as a holiday gift but I would think Anthology III would have been a better gift. Plus Best Buy isn't selling cds, Target's selection is so minute I don't see them selling it. I haven't seen any Garth at my Wally World except for the Anthology. So unless Amazon is doing a great job, I am amazed it was able to chart at #49 this week.
    I am curious as to how many copies they made for the final pressing? Final pressing has been around for at least 2 years. It will be interesting to see how many copies it is certified with at RIAA.
    Since this was going to be retired, will he be releasing a new version of The Hits, The Ultimate Hits maybe called The Greatest Hits. Maybe do it in volumes 1, 2, 3, ...... A great way to add to the numbers. For some reason I keep thinking he will follow the formula of the country labels in the 60 and 70's with Garth's 12 Greatest hits, garth Brooks Jukebox of Hits, Garth's Cowboy Hits, The Best of Garth's Duets. I can see them milking his catalog of songs forever.
    Well I hope it keeps selling until something new comes out be it new music or a new Hits or even a reissue of his catalog. With his stadium tour and 30th anniversary, I think Garth will be selling a lot of catalog music to new fans and collectors.

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    It's selling because it's usually only $6-$7, and because it's a great collection of hits. I see it at Wally World all the time.

    Looking forward, I believe Garth said that Vol 5 of the Anthology would be focused on the hits of his career, so I suppose that comes out, that's when a new hit compilation will come out. But that's just me guessing

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