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Thread: Who's got the 25th Anniversary version of Double Live?

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    Who's got the 25th Anniversary version of Double Live?

    For anyone who's got the 25th Anniversary version of Double Live, from what concerts were the 30 videos featured on the
    DVD taken? I know "A Heart in New York" was from Central Park, but what about the rest?

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    I have the 25th Anniversary of Double Live, mostly for the cover. I was at that concert in Norman, Oklahoma during the Twister Relief Concert. I haven’t even opened it. Sorry I can’t help you any further. Who knows? It might not ever be revealed where a certain song was performed at.
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    I'd have to look really. (haven't done so in a while)... I have the 25th anniversary edition def...

    I'm willing to bet off hand that the majority of the songs come from his TV specials, etc.
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    I have it as part of the bundle I bought on GhostTunes, I don't recall anything new on it, all from the TV Specials.

    I can try to give a breakdown starting tomorrow.

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