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Thread: Songs into movies

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    Songs into movies

    Ok this prob. has been done before (seems like it would have been) but well, here goes anyway. after taking part in replying to electric in another thread about garth and a movie..).

    what songs of Garths do you think would make a good movie, be it theatrical, straight to dvd, or TV movie.. what would your plot be? main characters?
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    Papa Loved Mama.

    With a twist, Mama was actaully having another affair with the desk clerk, and the desk clerk framed Papa.

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    I've always dreamed of writing short stories for every song he's made and then releasing them in the form of each album.

    The one I've had visions of a movie though, is The Beaches of Cheyenne.

    Great question.

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    The River ! This would have to be a western. Even there are not many westerns out there lately. Which is a shame. That movie should star Scott Eastwood with his Dad Clint Eastwood. And Clint might as well direct the movie also. He might as well write that also. Since he has made several westerns over the years.

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    Tacoma... it would make a cool road trip movie
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    Anyway I brought up 'That Summer' as a fantasy/Sci-Fi movie because of me being a follower of the Anime genre (Ghost in the Shell, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Seven Deadly Sins, DragonBall or even Hayao Miyazaki and his movies) and I thought 'That Summer would fit into that category, though it would possibly fit in as a TV series.

    Here's how it would look in my view: End of a school year, summer vacation, 17 year old guy, about to be a senior, volunteers to do farm work during the summer vacation so he can earn some money for a new car for college. So he arrives to a city/farming community to work on this particular farm, during the time he strikes up a romance with a girl around his age. But what he doesn't know is that the same girl also has a double identity as a 40-year old woman, whose cover story is her being a widowed woman. Late July comes in, it's his final week to work before going to school and he ultimately figures out the truth, the girl/woman he worked for is actually a woman from outer space sent in to just observe the Earth.

    Weird thing is, he doesn't reject her after learning that truth, but is saddened by the fact that she is to leave the planet once he enters Senior year. So they end up having a final get together that ends up lasting all night and into daybreak. As a result of the affair, he still feels her touch everytime the wind blows at the same farm he ended up buying after getting married and graduating college.

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