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Thread: Not afraid to say it: The baseball cap without a bend...

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    Not afraid to say it: The baseball cap without a bend...

    Looks dumb.

    Garth, you are not a 20 year old hip hop star from Detroit.

    Sorry dude.. Just my opinion.

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    hehe, I like the Garth fashion of old, the mo betta shirts the black cowboy hat.

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    Lol it’s like you read my mind. I absolutely hate the flat bill look, surprised garth did not keep the stickers on it too. Remember when he wore that stupid baseball necklace and grows that chin only goatee. I don’t know who is telling him what to wear but he needs to stop. He looks like that old guy who is trying to hang on lol

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    yeah, the flat bill look's stupid..

    The curved bill look is much more on target
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    I’m with you guys. Garth, the flat bill has got to go. He looks like Fred Durst. I still love him though!
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    It had a slight bend on Kelly and Ryan today!

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