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Thread: An unofficial youtube channel

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    An unofficial youtube channel

    Called the Garth channel, seems to be old TV clips.
    Could get brilliant if the uploader uploads more.
    Doesnt appear to be any copywrite issue either, because
    its news shows, which Garth wouldn't own the rights too.


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    Very cool to see some of those videos. I think it would be awesome if Garth did this but knowing him it will be down soon. If he ever figures it out he would see it’s a good thing and only Beni fits him

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    interesting to see some of those.. they look familiar as in I've seen them before but the earlier the better..

    Not thinking they have ALL the dates right though- but that could be me
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    This one the uploader uploaded is taken from 1994 from a tv interview in New Zealand.


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    The guy now is putting up videos of a Garth Brooks impersonater.

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    Speaking of Youtube, i found this cool video of The Reba singing Not Counting You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5MN70CcQ4Y in Nashville 2016.

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