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Thread: Songs that you wish had been singles

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    Songs that you wish had been singles

    What are some songs from any of Garth’s albums do you wish he had released as singles? Any of his albums, not just the stuff he has released since he returned in 2014.

    Alabama Clay from Garth Brooks
    We Bury the Hatchet from Ropin’ the Wind
    Every Now And Then from The Chase
    Cowboy Cadillac from Sevens
    Rodeo or Mexico from Scarecrow
    Please Operator (Could You Trace This Call) from The Lost Sessions
    All American Kid from Man Against Machine (What’s odd is that I heard that tune on Veterans Day 2015 on the local Houston country radio station)
    Weekend from Gunslinger
    He Really Loves You from Gunslinger

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    Great post and question. I am with you on several

    Alabama Clay
    We burry the hatchet
    Cold Shoulder
    Every now and then (one of my favorite all time)
    No one around
    All American kid
    Cowboys and friends
    Love will always win
    Under the table

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    Wild Horses (I know it was released as a single in 2000, but I think they should've released it in '90 as part of the album's run)
    Every Now and Then
    The Red Strokes
    I Don't Have to Wonder
    Beer Run
    Rodeo or Mexico
    She Don't Care About Me
    For a Minute There
    Meet Me in Love
    The Bottle Let Me Down
    Good Ole Boys Like Me
    Don't Close Your Eyes
    The Weight
    Cold Like That
    Midnight Train (if Stapleton's stuff can get airplay, then this could've. I know so many people who say this was their fav song on the album, me included)
    Honky-Tonk Somewhere
    Whiskey to Wine

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    I love how he sang Don’t Close Your Eyes. Dang near brought a tear to my eye, and I don’t cry that easily. I was real young when Keith Whitley passed away, but I listened to his music as I got older. He was a hell of a singer and Garth just nailed that performance. He sang it better than Alan Jackson, who performed the song on the 1994 tribute album to Keith.

    I was surprised We Bury the Hatchet wasn’t released as a single because it was featured on This Is Garth Brooks. (Ironically, Unanswered Prayers wasn’t)
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    Hmm- good question- Gotta give this one some thought....
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    Scott, I was thinking the same thing!

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    For me:

    Allison Miranda
    Midnight Train
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    Garth Brooks: Every Time That It Rains
    No Fences: None
    Ropin’ the Wind: In Lonesome Dove
    The Chase: Every Now And Then (my all time favorite unreleased Garth song)
    In Pieces: The Cowboy Song
    Fresh Horses: None
    Sevens: I Don’t Have to Wonder
    Scarecrow: Pushing Up Daisies
    Lost Sessions: She Don’t Care About Me AND You Can’t Help Who You Love
    Man Against Machine: She’s Tired of Boys AND Cold Like That AND Midnight Train AND All American Kid
    Gunslinger: Honky-Tonk Somewhere AND He Really Loves You
    Chris Gaines: Main Street
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    I don't think it can be overstated how much of a cluster**** the Man Against Machine era was, singles wise.

    Mom should've been a 4th burning off single. People Loving People sounds atrocious, just horrid mixing.

    Cold Like That or You Wreck Me would've made better follow ups.

    Videos should've been shot and released for them, it would've absolutely made a difference.

    Off Gunslinger, I think Weekend should've been a followup but All Day Long is in the same vein so it's not a big loss.

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    I just love this question. What I'm going to do is pick one song from each album that I personally think would have been a good single.

    Garth Brooks - Nobody Gets Off In This Town would have been a great single, I believe. I think I read somewhere that it originally was slated to be a single and a decision was made to go another direction. I honestly can't remember the details on that one.

    No Fences - This one is probably the toughest one for me. I think the entire album has ten singles lol. That being said, I agree with a previous post that Wild Horses should have been a single originally even though it was released much later. So, since it, indeed, was a single, I can't pick that one. New Way To Fly is my favorite song on the album, but I'm not sure it would have done well on radio. However, Victim of the Game, seems to me that it would have connected quite well with a lot of people. Great song, great message and would have been a home run in 1990 or 1991.

    Ropin' The Wind - When I was younger, I had wanted him to release Against The Grain. I'm just in love with that song. Now, I realize, that it's not really made for radio. The one that sticks out to me for a radio release would be Burning Bridges. The song is absolutely everything early 90's Country radio was.

    The Chase - I've often wondered how Face to Face would have done on the radio. Part of me thinks it would have been a home run and then part of me thinks it would have struck out in general. What I certainly think would have been through the roof was his remake of Patsy Cline's Walking After Midnight. A lot of those 90's hits were remakes of old songs. The radio was still in touch with it's country roots in a large way. Garth absoluely nails it though. I truly believe it would have done really, really well.

    In Pieces - I think it starts getting harder at this point to pick radio singles. Not really a radio friendly album to be honest. Great album. Just not necessarily made for radio. That being said, I think The Night I Called The Old Man Out would have been a sure hit.

    Fresh Horses - First off, I think it was a mistake for him to release The Fever to the radio. Country radio wasn't quite ready for that yet. Great song, but I think the Garth backlash may have set it's roots with the release of this song. I remember hearing a lot of moaning and groaning over it. The Garth song that would have been huge, in my humble opinion, would have been That Ol' Wind. I think he even sung it on his To Ireland and Back special, if I remember correctly.

    Sevens - This is an album that was simply not made for radio. That being said, I always felt that Cowboy Cadillac would been incredibly popular and would have charted quite well. At this point, his backlash was starting to really pick up steam in spite of the incredible success of the Central Park concert.

    Scarecrow - Another album absolutely not made for radio, but a great album none the less. I was originally going to say Why Ain't I Running, but I'm going to go with Mr. Midnight. This song is absolutely classic Garth and radio format was still in touch with it in a bit.

    Man Against Machine - This one is really difficult. After such a long time period away from the industry, the man made a comeback. The problem is that radio format has changed drastically. The songs that would have been huge in years past simply don't pass the test in today's watered down country music era. First off, People Loving People was the absolutely worst song he could have picked to make his comeback with. Mom, was also not a very good follow up. Great song, but not really radio material. The song I think would have been a great comeback song, would have been Midnight Train. I love the song, but not quite as much as most of you do. I think it would have grabbed the older fans, like myself, and resonated with the younger fans as well.

    Gunslinger - I'm at a loss on this one. Admittedly, I'm just not in touch with today's radio. I try every now and then, but I'm always forced to change the station. LOL. So, I'm going to pick a song that I just simply hate because it makes sense to me that if I hate the song and I hate current country radio, then it should be a good fit. (I'm wingin' this, folks LOL). It seems to me that Pure Adrenaline probably would have done really well on the radio. Or Sugarcane, I don't know. I hate that one also. LOL

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