Ireland aside.

I decided to do this post after reading a review of the Garth Brooks Live Anthology
over at the Garth Brooks Believers Facebook page.

I asked the reviewer this question.....

Sounds Brilliant, cant wait for it now. Are you allowed to say if the Ireland chapter is about Croke park or the Point in 1994 and are you allowed to say are there any photos from "1994 world tour"... Spain, Germany, Norway, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia. Anyway great review and the book looks like a must have!!

The reviewer replied.

brief few pages about overseas at the time, not a lot, didn't spend much time on it.

I originally thought, Well that sucks, but then I thought it's an open and honest thing for Garth
to do.

His touring the world in 1994 was just a brief part of his live career, and he shouldn't dwell on it or
talk it up, because his concerts outside the USA/Canada (again not counting Ireland) was such
a small part of his Live touring career, so it makes sense he only spends a little time talking about

And that's okay, he doesnt have a massive fanbase outside USA, I do hope he enjoyed himself in 1994,
because although he may of not gotten massive crowds he was well well received by the
fans, and I hope he knows how much his fanbase appreciate him touring. It would kill me
to think, that Garth thinks we didnt love his concerts and didnt wanted him to come back.

I think (I sound like a parrot repeating myself but "apart from Ireland") after 1994 he never had
any intention at all to tour overseas, either on his 96-98 tour or 2014-2017 and all the talk was
just talk, he didnt want to offend overseas fans and it did look better for marketing to call a tour
a "World Tour" and to mention over cities cities sounds good in interviews.

Again , its all good, we have the memories of 94, but lets be honest, he wont tour europe/Oz/NZ again,
and please dont say, after this stadium tour, he might, its just something that doesnt interest him.

I have the faded memories of 94, no photos, video footage just memories, they are brilliant memories,
I hope Garth's memories of his concert here were good ones too, we sang, we chanted, we clapped.

All I would ask of Garth is not to bring up the words "World Tour" again on this tour or any future tour
he might do.

I think that is fair enough, dont you?

PS: And all those that are seeing him on this tour, HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!!!