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Thread: Garth Brooks's biggest trolls

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    Garth Brooks's biggest trolls

    This podcast has apparently been trolling Garth on his social media according to reddit, they
    go to Garth's Instagram page and pretend to be fans, they write BS



    Maybe someone should contact Garth's social media people and let them know
    these two so called comedians are leaving comments on Garth's Instagram page.

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    More than likely most of time Garth's people are taking care of his social media. Garth probably only reads it when it has to or wants to read it.

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    honestly? I'd wager that the best way to deal with this is to ignore it- they sound like radio hosts trying to get some attention. pay it no mind...

    besides, as wimpy says- 10-1 Garth only reads/interacts with it through the lens of his handlers...
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