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Thread: Keep your hands to yourself..

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    Keep your hands to yourself..

    I'd love it if he snuck it into a few shows here and there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthmedic View Post
    I'd love it if he snuck it into a few shows here and there.

    Some old school Garth will be cool!!

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    I agree and he killed it when he did it. As much as I love American pie itís time to retire it and move on.

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    Retire American Pie and move on- hmm, great idea perhaps (in theorY) but going back to what he did w/ Keep your hands to yourself- probably not gonna happen. #1 it's 'going back' not forwards, and #2- AP (as much as it's time is up and done) is more conducive to 'housekeeping' format w/ just him and guitar.. KYHTY would require (most likely) a full band I think...

    still, I like the idea to sprinkle some older cover stuff like that in the show every now and then
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