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Thread: Tired of the hovering

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    Tired of the hovering

    I'm tired of the song 'all day long' hovering at 11 or 12 on the charts, crack the top 10 already damn it
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    In all honesty, I think part of the fault on that goes to Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line who might be poise to beat Sam Hunt's longest number one record. And to tell you the truth, I also think Billboard screwed their charting system up severely.

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    I am in no way trying to sound condescending or like a "know it all" because I know most people don't really follow the charts that closely. I have just followed the charts since I was a kid and actually worked in radio for several years in high school/college/early 20s.

    The Hot Country Songs chart used to be the primary chart for country music. From 1989 to October 2012 it was based on radio impressions. (Before 1989 the formula was not just based on radio.) In October 2012 they changed the formula for that chart to mirror the Hot 100 (all genre pop chart). At that point it became based upon a formula that included digital sales, radio play (including play on other formats besides country) and streaming. This drastically changed the lifespan of how songs performed on the chart giving huge advantage to songs that crossed over. This is why "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line stayed #1 for 24 weeks and eventually Sam Hunt's "Body Like A Back Road" stayed #1 for 34 weeks. Now Bebe Rexha/FGL have been #1 for 43 weeks with "Meant To Be" which is now the all-time record. On this chart "All Day Long" has only peaked at #27 so far.

    There are lots of thoughts about this chart and many country fans believe it is very flawed because it counts non-country radio play towards the country charts. Many still lean towards Country Airplay which is basically the same formula that the charts were when Hot Country Songs changed in 2012.

    I tend to lean towards Country Airplay because I think the Hot Country Songs is really flawed.

    On Country Airplay "All Day Long" has peaked at #11 to this point and is currently #12 (not sure what it will be tonight when they update tonight).

    Point being, the Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line song has NOTHING to do with Garth hanging around #11/#12 on the Airplay Chart. "Meant To Be" has been off the airplay chart for months.
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