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Thread: Courage of Love on Amazon

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    Quote Originally Posted by coco1997 View Post
    Having to wait more than another full year for the new album would sure suck.
    I'd rather he takes his time than him releasing another Gunslinger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CER956 View Post
    I'd rather he takes his time than him releasing another Gunslinger.
    I actually love Gunslinger... so if his plan is to release another one in that vein, I say bring it on. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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    Gunslinger was (IMO) better than MAM for certain. Neither were at the level of Scarecrow/pre retirement debacle releases, but it was good.. some bad song choices.. some great song choices.. heck I just love hearing new Garth music at this point
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    I'm on team MAM, with songs like Cold Like That and You Wreck Me, MAM, Wrong About You. I only really like AMHIK and Weekend off GS, easily last place on my albums list. But like you guys said, different strokes, different folks.

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