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Thread: I got a blackmail email, anybody else?

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    I got a blackmail email, anybody else?

    Hi, I haven't been active on PG for a long time as the Facebook G-groups take my time. I have just received sort of blackmail email addressed to Tiina4GB which is my "name" only on PG. It was a crazy message saying that the person had been following me and "knows" what I have been doing, and I would not like him sending the info to my family and asking 3000 dollars for not telling them... I have not been doing anything except work lately, so I don't believe a word the person wrote and deleted the email right away. But I guess my PG info has been hacked to get my email and PG-name. I have now changed my password, but I just want to warn if someone else gets that too...

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    Nope, nothing here.
    The sevens have aligned. It has begun...

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    Hi Tiina-

    This is very concerning to me. Please PM me with the text, and header of the email if possible. Thank you.

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    Nothing at all.

    I have had emails sort of along the same lines, with the name of the person being the same name as people I use to email years ago. The scammers/spammers are horrible.
    If the continue call your local authorities.

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