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Thread: 85 Thousand must be Garth Biggest crowd for a paid concert

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    85 Thousand must be Garth Biggest crowd for a paid concert

    I can't think of one bigger for a paid concert.

    Central park in 97 was free.

    But for a paid concert, this is his biggest crowd?

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    Was croke park that big of a crowd ? What about mersedes Benz stadium or the Houston rodeo ?
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    Without looking I thought Mercedes Benz was in the 70s. What about the two Texas specials? I know it was multiple days but both nights were sellouts?

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    Wasnt the three croke park concerts around 40K for each concert, around 120K all up. Werent they redoing the stadium?

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    Wasn’t a remodel if I’m not mistaken. If I remember correctly, he recalled a time before those shows that they had played in Ireland and it was in an intimate setting. He had the stage set up in a way that would cut the size of Croke Park in half to try and mimicking that closeness and intimacy. And it’s very much evident in the concert footage.

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    This is probably his largest until he plays Dallas. Now seats close to 100,000 for football.

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