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Thread: Garth March Madness Bracket for his songs.

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    Garth March Madness Bracket for his songs.

    Found this on twitter. For those that are interested.


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    I filled it out and it was a tough call, but THE CHANGE won out!

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    My Final Four would be The Dance and Unanswered Prayers on the left. The River and The Change on the right. The Dance defeating The River in the Final.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieBarton View Post
    My Final Four would be The Dance and Unanswered Prayers on the left. The River and The Change on the right. The Dance defeating The River in the Final.
    Great final four.

    I had two of a kind fighting it's way thru to the championship game, only top be defeated by FILP.

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    I'm gonna give it a stronger look, but on the surface? there are serious problems... (left side to right...)

    first- the page has been removed (at least their 'vote here' link has...)..

    SEcond - though it's not CLEAR, if this is a GARTH madness song bracket.. it's a GARTH SONG madness bracket, right?

    if that's the case.. Katie Wants a Fast One... like we never had a broken heart..... burning down the house (???) - not Garth songs.. Garth may sing on them (burning down the house is a talking heads song I think so prob. not there) but they're not HIS..

    Third- the spelling/ grammatical errors: (no I'm not even going to mention the missing apostrophes, etc..) Standing OUT SIDE the fire... (should be OUTSIDE)... Aint Going Down should be Aint Going Down (TILL THE SUN COMES UP).. Much Too young- missing (To Feel This Damn Old)... ok I said I wasn't going to include the apostrophes but dang, if they're going to have them (as in what she's doing now).. can't they get a proofreader/editor to be consistent?

    AMERICAN HONKY TONK BAR ASSOCIATION not american honky tonk bar

    It's THE THUNDER ROLLS not thunder rolls

    It's SANTA LOOKS A LOT LIKE DADDY, not Santa looks like daddy. it's WHATCHA GONNA DO WITH A COWBOY (again, not a Garth Brooks song- he sang on it, but it's a Chris Ledoux song).. not Whatha gonna do with a cowboy. it's PAPA LOVED MAMA not pappa loves mama... it's BELLEAU WOOD not bellawood...

    Talk about crappy proof reading/effort put into the the list. it's lame..

    Next, it's clearly set up to have The Dance versus Friends in Low Places as the two best/favorite/final songs.. (at least depending on how they'd tabulate votes, etc..

    really a crap job. yet, I'll give it a shot- here's my bracket... (I put Answers in a diff font (and may have used abbreviations)_

    Winner: The Dance...
    Final four: The Dance, FILP, The Thunder Rolls, Much Too Young

    Bracket: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tapyst33uq...cket.jpeg?dl=0
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