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Thread: Should Garth bring back the Crazy.

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    Should Garth bring back the Crazy.

    I have seen Garth three times in concert. 1994 in New Zealand. 1996 in Phoenix. 2010 at the Wynn.
    Thanks to social media, I was able to see various clips from his recent 2014-2017 USA/Canada tour.
    I know artists, mature as they get older, their show changes, but you know I kinda miss the crazy.

    Even his 1996-1998 USA/Canada/Ireland tour, when he was young, was a tad less crazy than the 1993/1994 World Tour. Dont get me wrong, the housekeeping clips blow my mind, and he is still the best entertainer out there.

    But I do miss the crazy, I miss the rope swinging, the water tossing, the sprinting from one side
    of the stage to the other, high fiving people, getting pulled in the crowd, the foot stopping, finger pointing,
    arm waving, thrashing head from side to side, all which made him, the artist people wanted to see
    the most from any genre.

    Lets face it, mid 50's isnt that old, its not like he's in his late 60's, early 70's. I know he self mocks,
    about his fitness, but Garth should still be able to do some of the crazy that he used to in the early 90's.

    I guess it was the rawness of it, the spontaneous element of it all, where you didnt know what
    this wild man would do on stage next.

    If he came to New Zealand I would love every second of it, it will be the highlight of the decade for
    me, I guess I just miss the crazy side of Garth.

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    From someone who saw 4 shows this last tour, Garth is plenty crazy. No, he doesn’t swing on ropes, but there’s still not a better performer in country music.

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    I saw 22 shows this tour, and while it's not quite to the same level, the crazy definitely isn't gone! Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthfan92 View Post
    I saw 22 shows this tour, and while it's not quite to the same level, the crazy definitely isn't gone! Lol
    Thats good to know, again Ive only seen what people have uploaded to youtube, most people seem to upload FILP, The Dance etc etc, and of course the house keeping.

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    I only saw 3 shows on this tour (all in Denver) and I can say the entertaining value is still there.. the running wild may not be but he's still every bit the entertainer he was.. It's just evolved some... (and while cool in some regards, the flashy shirts- thank goodness they've 'evolved' somewhat too to normal shirts
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    Dont get me wrong, from what I have seen , hes still the number one entertainer today, shows must be 10/10, I just still love the Garth you see in that, Aint going down video, which shows various
    concerts clips from his 1994 world tour.

    To me that captures what Garth was like in those early days, and I hope so so much the live anthology will be like that.

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    The man's 56 years old. He isn't gonna jump around on stage like he's 30

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimpy77 View Post
    The man's 56 years old. He isn't gonna jump around on stage like he's 30
    Agree, not to the level that he did, late 20's, early 30's.

    But he is only mid 50's, hes not that old.

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    I remember the days of jumping off ladders and jumping into crowds in the from 90 until 94 were things of legend but to be honest by the time the Fresh Horses tour came around, those things were few and far in between if he was still doing them at all. He was still putting on a great show but he had even started to tone it down then and he was only 35 or 36 at that point. Like Skywise said, he has evolved as an entertainer because let's face you can't do that stuff every night or your not going to last long. Your body just won't let it happen.

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    He still had the roller floor in Cleveland, and both he and Jimmy ended up on their butts, laughing as they went down. The next year in Columbus the roller was gone!
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