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Thread: Do you agree with these rankings?

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    Do you agree with these rankings?

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    No. If #1 isn't NO FENCES and the last one is not GUNSLINGER, it's all wrong! lol

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    Ehh- it's such an opinion laden topic that there's really no way to definitively say that they are right.. I don't have a problem with how they ranked MAM... I think their ranking of DL at #1 is ridiculous.. their listing shows Garth's early stuff is the stuff that people tend to like better
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    MAM would be top 5 for me. Maybe top 3 depending on the day I guess. I don't the DL should have been on the list. If we were talking collections of songs from other albums, hands down his #1 would have to be THE HITS, 18 monsteris hits, sequenced nearly perfect...imo

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    I do agree with Skywise that it is an opinion thing (for instance I love the Chris Gaines album and he doesn't HA!), but I also feel like you can sort of rank them somewhat objectively. Just to be clear this IS NOT the order of my personal favorites, but just kind of how it seems most critics view them.

    For starters, I don't think Double Live, or any compilation, should be include on a list like this. That is just an unfair comparison to be ranking studio albums and then throw in a compilation at the top.

    For me I see this in tiers. For instance, I think the top tier of Garth albums includes:
    1. No Fences
    2. Ropin' The Wind
    3. Sevens
    4. Garth Brooks
    I see it this way for a couple of reason. #1 these are the 4 studio albums that are Diamond and they are usually the four most beloved by critics. You can, of course, squabble over the order, but in my opinion No Fences just about has to be #1. It IS NOT my personal favorite, but it is his best seller, has 4 massive #1 hits and is the album that turned him into a superstar and really started the 90s country boom.

    I see Ropin' The Wind as almost part B to No Fences. If you are a Beatles fan you will get this if I say Rubber Soul/Revolver. Most people see those as complimentary albums and I view Fences/Ropin' that way.

    The next two are Sevens and GB. I have always viewed Sevens as almost a "comeback" album of sorts. Yes, I know he never really went anywhere, but it felt like a return to form to me at the time after a couple of albums that weren't as well received as the first 3.

    The next tier in my mind are the remaining 4 pre-retirement albums. Again, I feel these can be ranked in just about any order but I'd probably go with:
    5. In Pieces
    6. The Chase
    7. Fresh Horses
    8. Scarecrow
    Again, this is not my personal preference order. I'm a much bigger fan of Fresh Horses personally, but I feel like most critics see it towards the bottom of his 90s records.

    Finally there are the two comeback albums. I'd probably put them:
    9. Man Against Machine
    10. Gunslinger
    Again, I think they could go either way, but I think most critics put these at the bottom.

    Again, this IS NOT my personal preference it is how I think most critics/industry folks view the records.

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