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Thread: Garth song in the realm of Dave Matthews?

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    Garth song in the realm of Dave Matthews?

    My friend is a huge Dave fan, thus his 6 year old is a huge Dave fan. I admit, I don't know much of Dave's music at all. I am (of course) trying to get the kiddo into some Garth... what song(s) do you think might be in the same realm so that I can try to slide some Garth into the "Dave playlists" and start to create a new fan?

    (PS I've already taken my friend to a Garth show so he understands, he just doesn't know Garth music well enough to recommend songs, so I'm hoping some folks here know the music of both enough to have some suggestions!)

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    I know SQUAT about DMB music wise, can't help you- some may be able to though
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    Eh, maybe "Wrapped Up In You?"

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