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Thread: Your top three favorite Garth songs

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    Your top three favorite Garth songs

    I thought I'd start a new fun thread to get some of the focus off of the speculation thread lol.

    What are your top three personal favorite Garth songs?

    Mine are:

    1. The Dance - I know this is a popular pick for many Garth fans, but for me it is the best and most iconic song of his.

    2. The River - This song is special to me. It was released at a time when I was finding myself as a young man to become the man I wante to be.

    The Change - I'm sure not many would rank this song this high, but I find so much power and compassion in this song. You can feel his passion just oozing from it.

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    Hmm- may have to try ranking this one too in a spreadsheet like I did albums

    my pers. favorite 3? will say, it's too hard to pick many (and I guarantee there will be one response like that- 'cant pick'... or something to the like)


    1- The Dance : It's my all time favorite Garth song- always has been, since I first heard it..
    2- Unanswered Prayers: the first song that I heard after my 'first exposure' to Garth in 1991. I love it.. helped me get back into playing the Guitar too..
    3- this is where it gets tough... I'll go with what first hits my mind.. Much Too Young - maybe the first song I learned to play all the way though on the guitar (from Garth anyway)..
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    Damn this is tough but as of right now I'll go with;

    Much Too Young
    More Than A Memory
    Midnight Train

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    Every Now and Then

    Ask me this in 5 minutes and I might change my answer, LOL! But Shameless will always be my No. 1!
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    Goodness.. Agree with all of you that there are too many. But today I'll go with:

    Friends in Low Places - This song defines my childhood. One of the most fun country songs of all time if not THE most fun.
    Wild Horses - This song is so simple yet it has always stuck with me. "I'll lose more than I'm gonna win someday"
    Shameless - This for me is the first powerhouse ballad of many from Garth that I love (More Than a Memory, Tacoma, Ask Me How I Know)

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    I love the diversity of the answers thus far

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    Today, it's:

    1. Ireland
    2. The Red Strokes
    3. Midnight Train

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    3) Much too young (maybe?)
    2) I don't have to wonder anymore
    1) The Change

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    Midnight Train

    I hear the Ulieans on Ireland and my heart flutters. Two of my cousins play the pipes and it's a sound I love.
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    Upset of the thread so far is two Midnight Train’s! Wow. I like the song but it never connected on that level for me.

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    1. It's Your Song - personally very special to me
    2. We Shall be Free - always loved the msg
    3. The River and The Change would always be high on the list, but tough to narrow down!
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    1. The River.
    Loved it since first hearing it in late 1992 in the «This is Garth Brooks» special when it was aired in Norway. A song where the lyrics are always relevant, although the settings I listen to the song and in a sence the meaning of the lyrics changes during the almost 30 years I have listened to the song, but it is a song I try to live my life by every single day.
    2. Make You Feel My Love.
    «Only the cool artists get to do Dylan.» Song sung in the church in the wedding and the song was a natural as the first dance.
    3. Which One of Them.
    Loved it since first hearing it on the «Talking with Frost» programme from 1994 and the much raved about cassete tape from 1986. Always hoped it would show up in a recording, as it eventually did. Loved to listen to the (undated) demo in the first volume of the Anthology. A highligt in my career as a fan was when he played my request on this song in Las Vegas in December of 2009 after telling the story about it.

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    For me it's hard but today I will go with

    3. It's Midnight Cinderella - I'd have to say when it first came out, I was in high school and riding the bus everyday it would play on the radio, I collected all of Garths music except for that 'Fresh Horses' as i heard nothing about that album. The funny thing is i didnt even know it was Garth cos the bus was rowdy everytime. After Sevens came out I was in store buying it when I saw Fresh Horses and it was like getting 2 new album's at the same time. There it was 'It's Midnight Cinderella', surprised it didn't go #1 with how much over played it got on my station.
    2. 8teen - maybe cos I was born 18 running wild and free. 18s show up everywhere for me.
    1. Friends In Low Places - for obvious reasons, I know how to play on guitar.

    Check back with me tomorrow and it will be different, Shameless, to make you feel my love, the storm, two pina coladas, you wreck me, we bury the hatchet, face to face, wild horses, not counting you, the dance, two of a kind, more than a memory, etc. My top three will change everyday
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    Friends in Low Places
    A friend to me

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    1. Every Now and Then - What could have beens.
    2. You Move Me - A smile every time.
    3. This Ain't Tennessee - Close your eyes and your there.

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    So many good ones:

    1. Shameless
    2 Which One of Them
    3. Driftin’ Away (Chris Gaines)

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