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Thread: Garth owes me nothing

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    Garth owes me nothing

    The other day I was listening to "It' s your song" and I was transported back to when I first heard it in 1998 and what I was going through at the time. There's has always been something therapeutic with his music, something that creates a feeling that helps me to push on for another day.
    I have been hard on Garth since he came back out in 2014, getting upset about something he did or didn't do and passing judgment on him.
    It's like a father\son relationship. Back in the 90's, Garth through music gave birth to his fans. I, like a toddler, practically worship the ground he walked on. I wanted to be just like my Father Garth, nothing he did was impossible, he could lift a mountain with one finger. I even got upset when people would say bad about him.

    Then Garth went to work(retired) and his music(my mother) and I stayed home while he worked long hours. Seeing him occasionally and loving it every time. Really getting excited when dad would be done working so I can spend time with him.

    Then in 2014 Garth retired from working, but I am a rebellious teenage son, disapproving of almost everything he does, thinking i know everything and not really caring if he is trying to reach out to me.

    Now I am gonna try to grow up and be in my twenties and try to spend time with my dad maybe go fishing. Spend as much time with him before it's too late.

    I OWE HIM EVERYTHING for keeping me from depression, being there when I was lonely and I was lonely a lot. Letting me know that my Dreams are like a RIVER and I have to sale my vessel til the river runs dry.
    'All the way to Tacoma, by then I hope you're out of my mind.'

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