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Thread: What's Your Dream Scenario of the Announcements This Year?

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    What's Your Dream Scenario of the Announcements This Year?

    I've been thinking about what I hope happens this year and I was wondering what some of you HOPE happens? Not what you think will, but what is your dream scenario for Garth's announcements?

    I must admit, I went pretty wonky and specific here so bare with me. I know it's unlikely that some of it will happen, but it is the definition of my dream year for Garth.

    ACM Awards 4/15: New single is premiered hourly on country radio with iHeartRadio on the 14th. Garth performs it at the ACM's the night after.

    At Stagecoach (4/27): The entire catalogue is released on Apple Music (iTunes) and Spotify. All of the videos are released on YouTube with links to buy the albums.

    Week after Stagecoach (5/4): The new single has a music video posted on YouTube and Facebook with the announcement of the new album.

    First week of June (6/1): The new album drops. Garth goes on the morning shows, late night, and Ellen over the next couple of weeks and also announces a stadium tour starting in the Fall.

    September: The first single goes #1 (of course ). Second single is released.

    October: Stadium tour begins. Announced as Super Bowl Halftime Performer. Announces the Live Anthology and Live Album.

    November: Performs at the CMA's.

    Week before Thanksgiving: The new live album drops. Hosts and performs on Saturday Night Live. Featured on 60 Minutes. Performs a classroom instruments version of FILP's with Jimmy Fallon.

    Black Friday: The Live Anthology is released and includes the new live album.

    First week of December: Is a guest coach and performs on The Voice.

    How about that for a year?
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