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Thread: No Good Reason

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    No Good Reason

    Don't ask me why. I am crazy. My brother and I stopped by a used record store for fun. The last time I was there, the owner said he was out of Garth, the kids cleaned him out right around the time he was nearby for the Paso Fair. Today they had about 20 cds available. I was in heaven. They had one I need for my extensive collection. My brother saw a cd he wanted and since they were 3 for $10 I grabbed a Double Live for the hell of it. So now I am going through cataloging the new entries. I was looking to downsize my cd collection (non-Garth) so I think I will trade them in and get some more Garth to use as introduction cds. Never know when you can introduce someone to Garth. Plus with the price of copies of Double Live at Amazon at $15 and above, I got my extra copy for about $3.33. The guy almost gave me a heartattack when I first entered the store. He said can I help you find something in vinyl and I said yeah Garth Brooks. He started walking towards the albums and I said you really have Grath on vinyl and he said oh right. I said I wish you did and he laughed. The owner said he would save vinyl if it came in. Can only hope.

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    Apparently a lot of his stuff that was officially on vinyl was mostly pressed and available in Brazil (speaking from my experience on Ebay searches so don't quote me on that). Personally in terms of reprints I don't know if we'll ever get it.

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    I believe In Pieces was only in Brazil. I remember The Chase from Korea. No Fences and Garth Brooks we're released in the US and also Canada. I think the UK and the US had RTW. I haven't looked at my collection in a while, but several counties got vinyl.

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    Speaking of which, I would've loved to be in High School back in the 90's, I guarantee you that most of the girls back in those days would've loved me being a Garth fan. But alas, I'm now dealing with Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift.

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    I have a Korean press of Ropin' The Wind. It is quite awesome... it has four bonus tracks which were all off of the debut: Alabama Clay, Nobody Gets Off In This Town, Everytime That It Rains, Cowboy Bill.

    The back sleeve has information on the album (titles, writers, etc.) in both Korean and English.

    Got a steal on it four years ago on eBay from a shop overseas. Only cost me $25 plus the shipping.

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