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Thread: Garth first artist inducted into pollstart "Live Music Hall of Fame"

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    Garth first artist inducted into pollstart "Live Music Hall of Fame"

    Just seen a very short interview with Garth on twitter about whats coming up, the tweet was headed, "Garth first artist inducted into pollstar Live Music hall of fame"

    He is asked , whats the next step, he says....

    "The ride is coming, whats getting ready to happen is so much stupid fun, im going to pinch myself everyday, if it all goes down like these guys have drawn it out, (hes behind a pollstar/tickettmaster banner) uhm today we just had a big meeting about it, this is going to be the most fun we have ever had behind a guitar, im inviting everybody along to come for the ride"

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    So what have from his statement, is that hes working with ticketmaster and pollstar,, its music, because he will have his guitar and the public are invited, so its safe to work out its a concert
    of some sort. And the people behind it and Garth are having meetings to work it all out.

    But its going to be the most fun and stupid fun, so a different type of concert.

    I mean he wouldnt say all this, just to announce a normal concert.

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    Hahaha, yes, you are probably right, Brett.
    The sevens have aligned. It has begun...

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    this is going to be the most fun behind a guitar...

    Mmm, could it be just Garth and his guitar?

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