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Thread: Garth Brooks website has changed

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    Garth Brooks website has changed

    Its formatted much much much better.

    Still basically the same info, but way easier on the eye and looks way more

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    I thought there wasn't much difference in how it looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fever View Post
    I thought there wasn't much difference in how it looks.
    Fair points, thought the format and layout was better though, they have seem to tweaked the webpage to make it easier to
    navigate and look better, yeah it does look the same.

    Have to say though, it certainly didn't deserve a mention about it on Studio G, like there was going to be major changes.

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    I think it's def. more streamlined, and (at least so far) looks a lot cleaner... The little icon on the top left (the white circle w/ bars) makes it seem to me like it's been made responsive and mobile friendly...

    I also like the Studio G episodes being all in one place (even though I have them all downloaded)
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