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Thread: You Never Gave Me a Name

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    You Never Gave Me a Name

    You Never Gave Me a Name

    Red lights flash in and out at night
    No one out there to see me in sight
    No bite to eat in three days
    Stuck alone in my room
    But I know you’re out there doing your evil ways

    For eight long years, you’ve enjoyed watching me suffer
    Never giving me the love of a real father and mother
    But I still remember your face of joy
    Laughing as you filled me with pain
    You never even gave me a name

    You refused to hide your rage
    Like burning an old book with every page
    No amount of begging made you stop
    As you made your way on top
    But that night I learned you hurt

    On one hand your blood is on my nails
    The other I hold a small sharp stick of steel
    I watch you scream and cry as I gave you pain
    You were killed by the girl that you gave no name

    You still haunt me in my dreams
    Because I never forgot you making me scream
    But I am now a stronger woman
    Who has found love with the greatest man
    Together we have taken my new name
    To fight the scream of other people’s pain

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    not bad... can def. see some emotion in the lyrics
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