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Thread: So what about the beard?

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    So what about the beard?

    This is not a post to be taken seriously, but I find it interesting that he is still rockin the beard look. I know he had it a few times in the 90s, but not for as long and at as many public events that he's had it now. I know he has recently shave it down to a goatee. But his website has mostly pics of him with his beard.

    My thoughts, he has kept is so long so he can dye it making him look younger. The age thing is somewhat of an issue to him because he joked on Ellen and ET about it.

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    I think the beard is his best look. Makes him look younger and slimmer.

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    I always thought he looked better with a beard as opposed to a clean shave, I think it compliments his entire face and his eyes. But I imagine it probably is a pain in the ass for him to wear because personally whenever I get hair on my face, sometimes it hurts the front of my neck.

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    The problem with Garth is that he keeps trying to look young but only does it after he looks old. Years ago he took off his hat and he was pretty much white headed and bald. Now if you look at him he is dying his hair and had some sort of hair regrowth treatment. Not going to hate on him over it but you gotta do that before it turns bald or white.He has the beard and it looks great but then he shaves it into a goatee why? A goatee is out of fashion and now it appears he is not dying it cause it looks like it is turning white. I get it but if he is so worried about looking young and good why does he not find a gym and lose some weight?

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