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Thread: 2018. What can we expect?

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    2018. What can we expect?

    I was thinking about what we might get in 2018. Will he release anything new or concentrate on the Anthology? Will he do more than Stagecoach in order to vie for a third straight CMA EOY award and the coveted 7th? Will he gear up for 2019 and the 30th anniversary of his start of his career. We are a year and half away from the release of Much To Young, followed by his first #1 with If Tomorrow Never Comes and then Garth Brooks the album. Will he do something special to honor Garth Brooks, the album? So I am wondering if he will kinda be low key so he can do big celebration in 2019 or will he start the celebration early? The possibilities are endless.
    I would love to see him do a stadium tour around Garth Brooks, the album, and music he had from around that time. And then maybe a few hits. A Spring release of Triple Live and Fall release of Anthology part 4 which would tie in with Triple Live.

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    2018 will be quiet tour wise, I think maybe less than half a dozen appearances at festivals, maybe a couple of shows back at the Wynn. Zero shows overseas.

    Yep agree, Triple Live released around spring, the doco from first The Anthology around July, and the Second Anthology in November 2018.

    2019 will see the Stadium shows with a trip to ireland, another Anthology. and maybe some tv specials for his 30th year in the music business. Apart from Ireland, No overseas shows,
    although he will talk about it.

    Im so excited for triple live, I think he does take notice of what people say, and the live album will have a real live feel.

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