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Thread: Band lineups for KC 2007 and Nashville 2010

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    Band lineups for KC 2007 and Nashville 2010

    Does anyone know the full lineup of the band/backup singers that played KC in 2007 and Nashville 2010?

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    OK, this is kind of tricky, but I think I can get pretty close. I could go back and watch the Kansas City tour to make sure but I believe the band lineup for KC was:

    Mike Palmer, Dave Gant, Gordon Kennedy, Jimmy Mattingly, Mark Greenwood, Bruce Bouton, Stephanie Davis, Karyn Rochelle, Vicki Hampton, and Robert Bailey

    For Nashville in 2010 I believe the lineup is virtually the same with Kennedy and Davis dropping out and Johnny Garcia coming in to take over lead guitars.

    Don't quote me on this, but I think this is right.

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