It might have been talked about already so excuse me if it was but I am confused.
The first Anthology was released this week and it covered the first five years or albums. (GB, NF, RTW, TC and IP) after that he only has 5 more albums to do FH, 7's, Scarecrow, MAM and Gunslinger
He said he has 2,3,4,5 still yet to be released.
He has the GB collection that had 6 new songs
Double live had 3 new songs
Ultimate Hits had 4 new songs
So all together that was 13 new songs
Hope he would include the lost sessions
All that is left is Christmas albums and Chris Gaines and I don't know if he has the balls to include chris gaines

So my question is does each album count as one? How could he get 4 more books out when he does not have enough albums to do it?