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Thread: Ticket question(s)

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    Ticket question(s)

    I despise the thought of buying Garth tickets on a secondary site like Stubhub but my back is against the wall and I feel like I have no choice if I want to see him in Nashville (our schedules dont work with the new on sale date today).

    So with that said, I'm trying to figure out the safest route to get tickets and not get burned. The whole credit card entry deal is what worries me. Has anyone bought tickets in a 'credit card entry' section off a site like Stubhub and if so, how did that work out? Did someone actually send you the credit card they used?

    Another thought - Is it worth risking showing up in Nashville without tickets and hoping to find someone selling outside the arena where we'd be able to just walk in with them? That's obviously a safer move but would make me super nervous about driving all the way there and then getting shut out.

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    Well I do not think Nashville has credit card entry .
    I got floor seats ...and they are mailing actual tickets in the mail .
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    Well that's a pleasant surprise, thanks for that info! I just figured they were doing the credit card thing because I had to scan mine at the last Garth show I went to last year.

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    Call the arena to confirm.

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    I have close floor seats for the 10th and they are mailing the tickets. However, I bought seats for the 23rd in section 116 and those are phone entry only, which I assume works like credit card. It did not give me an option to have tickets delivered or printed.

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    I’ve purchased credit card entry via StubHub a few times. They transfer them to an Amex gift card and ship that. Works great actually. StubHub has some fees, but they have always been reliable as a buyer and a seller.

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