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Thread: Wild as the Wind

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    Wild as the Wind

    I had never seen this before...acoustic performance of Wild as the Wind:

    Couple things I noticed:

    1) Their voices...I'm in no way saying that Garth doesn't sound great now b/c he does...but this reminds you of how effortless it was back then. Looks like he's barely trying.
    2) They look like babies!! So young.
    3) Interesting seeing them together before they were a "thing..." Song sorta takes on a different meaning.

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    oh yeah! I'd forgotten about this one (I think it's lost in my collection of stuff somewhere ) the donny and marie show...

    seeing them together before they were a 'thing'.. I'd still wager there was enough of a 'thing' going on behind closed doors/away from the public eye, enough to raise suspicions at least...

    nice find though- been a while since I'd seen this!
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    Talk about live albums etc, I would eat up an album of miscellaneous songs from tv shows. I love him doing To Make You Feel My Love from Leno. I believe it was just him and Jimmy (?)

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    Thanks for the link. Love it.
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    For those interested, there are also videos of him singing "It Don't Matter..." and "The Dance" from that same episode. Man did he ever have a lot come crashing down at that time...his mother's passing, flopped Chris Gaines, marriage issues, likely feeling like he was "losing" his children....walking away was probably the only solution at the time.

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