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Thread: *SPOILER ALERT* - Reviews for Lincoln Shows

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    *SPOILER ALERT* - Reviews for Lincoln Shows

    I'm slipping...forgot to post this, although I don't know if anyone on here was planning to go to any of these shows. In any event, if you did, please post your reviews and experiences from the Lincoln shows here.


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    I was at both Saturday shows. 3pm was the better of the two. Pretty standard stuff for both shows. One of the sound techs is a husker guy so he came out and got a “GO BIG RED” chant going. Early shoe had a pretty cool moment with a happy birthday for a little girl. He eventually got her name from the mom (it was a hard one) and a few songs later signed and passed her the guitar.

    Late show featured Garth totally eating it and falling as he was getting the water bottles out of the drawer at the beginning of AGDTTSCU. Hat flew off and all. Off track until “better get you red head...”
    I’ll look through videos later for an encore list.

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