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Thread: People tweeting Now: Sound system horrible uplevel at Atlanta (no sound) Opening act

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    People tweeting Now: Sound system horrible uplevel at Atlanta (no sound) Opening act

    Various people are tweeting out that there is either horrible or no sound at the upper level of
    the stadium in Atlanta.

    Thankfully people are also very excited to see Garth, lots of tweets.

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    Even on floor level, lots of tweets coming in.

    I hope they get it fixed before Garth comes on!!

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    Every tweet coming in now is talking how horrible the sound is.

    Even on the floor, Garth isnt on stage yet, but a ton of tweets are all about the sound.

    zero sound in certain sections of the stadium, even bad on the floor.

    Still as long as its good when garth comes on. then thats okay.
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    Mercedes stadium just tweeted out. "Audio engineers are working through the sound issues with the artists. Garth Brooks will take the stage soon."

    Hope they do, or perhaps Garth can rethink his eight wonder of the world comment.
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    concert started people filming on twitter, sounds good!!!

    Hes singing the devil went down to Georgia.

    for what im hearing from someone filming sounds good!!, people are tweeting though , boos are coming from the audience cuz of sound system.
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    Pics on twitter, leaving in droves cuz of sound system.

    Heres what Garth has to do, he will talk about the sound issues on Studio G, but he has to man up and stop being the nice guy.

    He cannot say "Im sorry, there were issues out of the stadium's control, they're sweet people, they're nice, they did the best, but tech issues sometimes happen,
    it's a teething problem, but dont blame the good people of Atlanta stadium"

    He needs to be honest and say....

    "Im F***in Furious, that was disgraceful, I will never play that venue again, my fans were screwed by the lack of professionalism from these jackasses, this
    shouldnt had happen, I challenge the Atlanta stadium to compensate every one of the 80 thousand fans who attended"

    Anyway thats my thought, I'm only writing from what I have seen on twitter.

    Hope people from here who went to the show enjoyed it and could hear it.

    I guess what I would like to say Garth (and this isnt his fault) is, "Do you think the eight wonder of the world is suppose to disappoint"

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    I was there, it was my 11th Garth show and it would rank last because of all the issues. Sound was horrendous.

    I was in the 100 section of the lower level, so it wasn’t just the top that experienced issues.
    The show was still enjoyable as a die hard fan, but I was disappointed.
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    He defies music boundaries... End of Debate.

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