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Thread: What Should Be the Third Single?

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    What Should Be the Third Single?

    With Ask Me How I Know still chugging along, it will likely be after the new year before we get a new single. But for sake of conversation, what do you think the next single off of Gunslinger should be?

    I would pick Honky-Tonk Somewhere. I think that song is a blast and would have a decent chance with radios renewed effort to play some more 90's style country like Luke Combs, Jon Pardi, and Midland.

    He has often spoken about Weekend as a potential single, but that song seems thin to me in content. I don't think it would go top 20.

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    He did mention The Weekend a lot at the beginning but I agree, I don't think it would do as good as once thought. Eighteen is my favorite but that won't be released I'm sure. Whiskey to Wine is what he is playing at his shows even though he says it's too country. I bet he's really testing it out so see what kind of reception it would get.

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    Might be out of left field and even though I don't like two of the three people he picked, I think he should re-release FILP with Strait, Aldean and FGL so people might really get re-acquainted with Garth again.

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    Weekend has the best chance of doing something at radio but he's already released the two strongest songs (not counting Cowboys & Friends).

    I hope the next album is better than this though, it was quite a letdown compared to Man Against Machine IMO.

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    If he releases a third single, I would go for Weekend. My second choice would be Whiskey. I love Weekend. It is my favorite song on album. I don't listen to country radio much but Weekend reminds me of the stuff they are playing on the radio. Personally I think to much is put on radio hits. Especially with today's radio market. I wish Garth would release singles of songs for those who like singles and don't buy albums. Since Garth is into the numbers, I would make the singles Limited Edition, limit how many copies and put a previously unreleased song as the B side. Make it worth buying and/or collecting. As a collector, I would love if he did something similar with albums. I liked what he did with Double Live and different covers. But he can put up big numbers for his singles as well as albums. Plus if he markets it right he could have a #1 record without radio play.

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    I think He Really Loves You could do okay too.

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    I think Weekend is the best option.

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