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Thread: The time Garth interviewed for Playboy

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    The time Garth interviewed for Playboy

    So in light of recent news of Hugh Hefner dying at age 91, most of you probably didn't know that Garth actually did an interview for Playboy back in 94 and it's actually considered to be his deepest interview ever. Playboy didn't hold back on the questions and apparently Garth didn't hold back either.

    Now apparently when I click on the news tab to try and get a link to that interview, I get an error message, so in the meantime the link will be courtesy of Archive.


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    What a great interview. Thanks for sharing that.

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    What a cool read! Thanks for digging it up!
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    The only issue of PB I have. Jenny McCarthy on the cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouSoundBitter View Post
    The only issue of PB I have. Jenny McCarthy on the cover.
    Yeah I guarantee you that my family never would've let me have a Playboy even if Garth was on there, especially since I was a wee 5 year old boy. So thank you to the moderators new and old for posting the transcript so young tots like me could read it without the nudity.

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    Somebody once told me to check out the pictures in PB. I don't know why- the articles are already very good!

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    Thanks for bringing that back! Very cool and extensive interview. I'd put that with the David Frost interview in my top in-depth interviews with Garth.


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    Never owned a playboy in my life, but remember as a 14 year old kid (way back in the 80s), the diary owner (Like a seven 11) right next door to our school would let people thumb through the playboys for $2.

    He made a fortune.

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