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Thread: *SPOILER ALERT* - Reviews for Sioux Falls Shows

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    *SPOILER ALERT* - Reviews for Sioux Falls Shows

    Post your reviews and experiences from the Sioux Falls shows here.


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    9 shows and no reviews is just wrong, so I'll give it a shot - I just got home after attending the Friday and Saturday night shows.

    The Friday night was great, the crowd was LOUD. I had what should have been a pretty good seat, except some idiot decided to hold up his sign (overhead) for at least 2/3 of the show. Like many the encore is my favorite part of the show so I'm all in favor of signs, but with some consideration to those around you. This guy was in the 5th or 6th row, so he could have held the sign at chest height and Garth still would have easily been able to read it, errrr! Back to the good stuff. . .LOVED the encore, Wild Horses is one of my favorites.

    That Old Wind
    Red strokes
    In Lonesome Dove
    Wild Horses
    More than a Memory
    Itís your song
    Wrapped up in you
    Amarillo by morning
    Standing outside the fire

    Saturday night was just plain fun! Once again the crowd was rocking. Garth was in top form, joking around and interacting with fans all night. I was lucky enough to be in the 3rd row, which brought everything to a whole new level - just wow!

    The opening act was Mitch Rossell. Garth brought him out on stage in the middle of the show and we all sang him Happy Birthday, then he sat and listened to Garth and 12,000 fans sing his song 'Ask My How I Know'. It was a pretty cool moment and he seemed very appreciative.

    A little twist from the other shows that I've been to . . . Pretty early in the show Garth finished If Tomorrow Never Comes Comes, then decided that he was really in the mood for "old stuff" so after chastising himself for singing ballads in the middle of a show, he broke out into Don't Close your Eyes and Amarillo by Morning - then jumped back to his regular set list. It was just one of many little things that made this show fun and unique. Trisha sang The Wrong Side of Memphis from a fan request. Long encore, with more fun interactions. One lady had a sign for Cowboy Bill or Lonesome Dove and Garth didn't see any reason why he couldn't sing both, so he did

    When you come back to me again
    Itís your song
    Cowboy bill
    Lonesome dove
    We shall be free
    Good ride cowboy
    Walkaway Joe
    Golden ring
    Whiskey to wine
    Standing outside the fire

    Some great memories for what was probably my last show on this tour.

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    Thanks for the review! That must have been the first time for Garth to change around the setlist a bit. I hope he will do that more often in the last few cities.
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