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Thread: CINCH Sevens Line Discontinued

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    CINCH Sevens Line Discontinued

    Who has something from this line? Appropriately, I have 7 shirts...
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    I've got 2 shirts I love!

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    Can't say I'm surprised- the shirts aren't a HUGE variety, never have been. The Jeans AND the shirts were HORRIBLY over priced IMO.. heck even on sale now, the Jeans are still almost $50 a pair, and the shirts are averaging about $30.. that's sale priced too..

    That being said, I'd probably drop $ on one of the shirts if they had my size in it but they don't so oh well, I save $ Garth's many things.. a clothing magnet isn't one of em
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    Damn I love my two Cinch shirts, I want to order two more of the same ones to keep in the closet in case the ones I own tear or something, they are that cool.

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    Good points, Scott. But I disagree: There were TOO MANY varieties and different dealers had different assortments. I love mine. If you're normally a medium in shirts, you gotta get a "small", they run really big. Yeah, they were pricey. But IDK, something about their subtlety and the design of that diamond is really cool to me. Like something that 'flies the flag' for G but is dressier, more professional looking at the same time.
    "Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire"-GB

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