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Thread: 'Double Live' TV Special from 98

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    'Double Live' TV Special from 98

    I know I had a special on VHS. It was Garth in a studio, guitar and stool, talking with people via remote satellite. One asked him about his rumored retirement. I know it was to promote Double Live.

    Anybody have this? Here is where I would tag Scott...
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    Sorry Matt, my internet died for a bit and so did my response to you at that point lemme try to restart it in an abbreviated way..

    There were 3 "live Specials". 1 for Eastern, 1 for Central/Mountain, and 1 for Pacific time zones. there were questions asked of Garth that were "live" (they were not live, they were taped. This I know from the mountain time zone show, as there was a question asked from the Grizzly Rose in Denver, and it was asked by the winner of a contest that had been run in the preceding weeks. (it had been taped before the show)

    I do have all 3 shows... I'd have to see if I have them on digital, as my DVD's are currently in storage awaiting a move to a new house
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    Thanks Scott! Let me know what you find. Thank you so much.
    "Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire"-GB

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