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Thread: CMA Nominations

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    CMA Nominations

    CMA nominations will be announced on September 4th. I think G is a shoe-in for Entertainer of the Year, but it'd be cool to see AMHIK get a nom for record or single of the year. I don't think Gunslinger will get a nod, but that would be neat.

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    Got the nod for EOY, but that is all.


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    I think one word honestly best sums up the nominations (though I know this is opinion only )


    this'll be a year to tape the awards just in case Garth gets it but after last year I'd be willing to bet he's not given the award this year.. it seems like a small circle of 'accepted' music and artists now... most of which don't seem that interesting.

    Although- interesting to see Rhett Akin's name.. That's a name Ive not heard in a long time
    That and Lauren Alaina.. another American Idol alum come to country
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