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Thread: Garth's plans for 2018

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    Garth's plans for 2018

    There hasn't been any news yet on what he'll be doing after December and my guess is we won't know until he's done with the American part of the tour.

    I think we may finally have an international tour from him next year. I just read a piece online that there's talks for him to go to play in the UK in 2018. So this has been the strongest rumours about a tour than what Ireland makes up.

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    I heard a rumor that he will be coming back to Dallas in April to perform. But, I am pretty skeptical of that info. It doesn't make a lot of sense based on other things I've read on here. But who knows! It is Garth we are talking about.

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    Well quite a few months back, Garth's webpage and his social media were going back and forth either saying "The end of the North American Tour" or "The end of the North american LEG of the Tour"

    The past month or so, hes been consistent, hes been saying "The end of the North American LEG of the World Tour"

    Now, at this stage, he must know, and venues must be booked. If there is no shows outside, USA and Canada, then I'm sorry, Garth has to be called a liar.

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