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Thread: Garth Made Impression on Paso Robles/Central Coast/Mid-State Fair

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    Garth Made Impression on Paso Robles/Central Coast/Mid-State Fair

    Wow, Garth and the Central Coast seemed to have hit it off. The local paper in SLO and on the Central Coast has been running a lot of press on Mr. Brooks before and after the concert. Two weeks after the concert their is still front page articles in Tribune. Today there was a story about a baseball player on a high school team who died earlier this year. His friend got to go backstage with Garth and talk about his friend who died and his friend's love of Garth. He told Garth how his friend had all his cds and played them after baseball practice and in his truck all the time. The paper has also had stories about how much income and stuff Garth did for the fair and community and one about a lady who went to LA Forum show and Garth paid for hotel room and upgraded her seats. Maybe this is a good sign he will be coming back in the future. I wouldn't mind if he came every year.

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    I read the article about the baseball player that lost his buddy. That was actually Robin Venturas son that met Garth backstage and told him the story. Of course Garth and Robin both went to OSU.

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