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Thread: 20 years ago today: Central Park

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    20 years ago today: Central Park

    So apparently Studio G is doing something where if you were actually at Central Park in 1997 you'll get a chance to make an appearance on the show (I don't know how they're going to be able to verify unless the fans were to upload some selfies that were printed in regular photo paper.)

    Now me being honest, I actually wasn't there but I can tell you where I was when I caught it. A small town in Missouri called Queen City, which was outside of Kirksville and my mother had the VCR and blank tape set up for us to record so I can watch it in the future. I don't have the blank tape anymore but I think I still have a copy of the official tape and I know I have the edited DVD from The Entertainer boxset.

    BTW I was 8 years old when I saw this thing, is that young enough for you people?

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    I remember having everything set up for me to watch, and VCR was ready to go. Out of the blue, something (Can't remember what it was) caused me to not be able to watch it live. So... In order to make 100% sure it got recorded, I called my dad and more or less ordered him to watch it and tape it.

    Still got the tape!

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    I listened to it on radio that night.

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    Radio for me too that night!

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    I was in my house in NZ, and reading all about it on CNN's webpage.

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    lol I watched it at my mom's house (she had HBO), my mom and wife were laughing that I 'dressed' for the occasion in my Garth shirt, hat, and Jeans/boots
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywise View Post
    lol I watched it at my mom's house (she had HBO), my mom and wife were laughing that I 'dressed' for the occasion in my Garth shirt, hat, and Jeans/boots
    Awesome!!!! Dressing up for the occasion!!!

    A few weeks after it aired live in the states, it aired here, my mum was doing her ironing and put the iron down, but on the carpet, and it burned a great big hole,
    so she claimed insurance, but told the insurance people she dropped it after a she heard a car backfire and got a fright. I thought that would be better to say than "I got too
    excited and drop the iron as Garth started to sing the third verse"

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    I was broker than broke back then. We didn't have cable let alone HBO. I was working 70 hours a week as a manager at Blockbuster Video (remember those? lol). So, basically, I didn't see it live. My first view was when it was released on VHS and I honestly don't remember when that was exactly. I do still have that VHS though lol.

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