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Thread: great older songs to be singels

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    great older songs to be singels

    I remember Garth saying before that if he were to release a 5th single from his debut album it would be Alabama Clay.
    This got me thinking: Can an artist still release singles from older albums that are relavent to this day in age? I believe Garth has a number of qualifying great songs from past albums that would be great singles in this day in age.

    1. Alabama Clay
    2. Burning Bridges
    3.Allison Miranda
    4. The Night I Called The Old Man Out
    5. New Way To Fly
    6.In Lonesome Dove
    7.Take The Keys To my Heart
    8. Last Night i Had The Strangest Dream
    9.When There is no One Around
    10. The Cowboy Song
    11. How You Ever Gonna Know
    12. A friend To me
    13. No Body Gets Off in This Town
    14. Against The Grain
    15.pushing Up Daises
    16.fit For A King
    17.Mr. Midnight
    18. Cowboy cadaliac
    19.Why Aint i Running
    20. you Move Me
    21. Victum of the game

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    some good choices, some not so good ones IMO.. won't nit pick as it's all an opinion.. don't know if it's possible -heck 'm sure its POSSIBLE, anything (almost) is, but honestly.. with the type of country that I hear (when I can stomach it) on the radio nowadays... I can't see any of these songs prospering at radio.. a great mix though of some unappreciated gems...
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    He released Wild Horses as a single later on in his career, so of course it's possible.

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    You Move Me was a single I believe!

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    I think, sadly, these are great songs that fall into the category of Whiskey to Wine that he talked about on the last Studio G that would never get played on country radio today. I love listening to the 100 Greatest Garth Brooks Songs on Amazon Music and hearing all these songs being played on a random playlist.

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    Obviously not an older album, but I always thought the singles for Man Against Machine should've went:

    1. All American Kid
    2. Tacoma
    3. Cold Like That
    4. She's Tired of Boys

    Unfortunately, we got none of the above.

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    I like your list though I would switch 3 and 4.

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