I remember Garth saying before that if he were to release a 5th single from his debut album it would be Alabama Clay.
This got me thinking: Can an artist still release singles from older albums that are relavent to this day in age? I believe Garth has a number of qualifying great songs from past albums that would be great singles in this day in age.

1. Alabama Clay
2. Burning Bridges
3.Allison Miranda
4. The Night I Called The Old Man Out
5. New Way To Fly
6.In Lonesome Dove
7.Take The Keys To my Heart
8. Last Night i Had The Strangest Dream
9.When There is no One Around
10. The Cowboy Song
11. How You Ever Gonna Know
12. A friend To me
13. No Body Gets Off in This Town
14. Against The Grain
15.pushing Up Daises
16.fit For A King
17.Mr. Midnight
18. Cowboy cadaliac
19.Why Aint i Running
20. you Move Me
21. Victum of the game