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Thread: Repair Rebuild Redo the show

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    Repair Rebuild Redo the show

    Garth said in an interview with an Sioux Falls radio station, that he is taking August off,
    to repair, rebuild and redo the show, there will be a different stage and Sioux Falls will see it
    first, so Im guessing the first show of September will be on the 16th.


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    Is this an odd day/even day thing???

    Garth has been changing it up nearly every second or third day.

    "Garth's North American tour is coming to an end" the next interview he says

    "Its the end of the North American Leg"

    and then he goes back and forth.

    Hes actually been consistent with this.

    He still saying there is six cities left.

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    So if there is six cities left, there must be only three left to announce??

    He has LA, , Calgary, Sioux Falls (the Fair in Paso and the stadium in Atlanta are special events?)

    Nashville of course, whos the other two???

    He did say sioux falls will be the first concert after the break in august, but Calgary is on the 9th.

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    I think he does this once a year. The show won't change much. It'd be cool to see the new opener he teased on Studio G that one time. It was a song that's on the next album. After teasing it they ultimately ended up opening with BLLDAD.

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