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Thread: Studio G: July 18th 2017

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    Studio G: July 18th 2017

    I hope its a good one, details on the Anthology would be cool!

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    Is inside studio G tomorrow this week? (hence the 7-18 in the post title?) I admit I didn't watch it last week.. (think it wasn't held last week). because if it's tonight that'd be 7-17 and not 7-18?
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    I don't anticipate any new information on upcoming releases until late August or early September. This week will likely be just discussion of the OKC shows, AskGarth and maybe another band member profile for the inside the tour series. I'd love to be wrong. I will be shocked if the anthology or live album are even mentioned. Beyond that, he won't discuss the international phase of the tour until after the final North American show I believe.

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    Opps my bad, New Zealand is a day ahead so its the 18th newzealand time the 17th usa time.

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