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Thread: Amazon Prime Friday

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    Amazon Prime Friday

    Saw something on twitter.

    Garth had a video for a competition, if you listen to Amazon Prime on Friday and Garth comes
    on, you go into a draw to win free flights, free accommodation a back stage tour and a meeting
    with him and Trisha.

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    Really cool interview with Amazon Music preparing for Prime Day. He hinted at some sort of celebration for the 25th anniversary of the 'The Chase' coming up. The most interesting part of the interview to me was all of the new video from the tour spliced in. Could that possibly be from an upcoming Live DVD?

    Interview with Garth starts at the 33 minute mark:

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    great interview, but did Garth kinda tell a white lie when he alluded to the set list not being the same every night? sure you may get a song here and there that are different, but the set lists.... ehh- they have been pretty darn similar for the last 3 years
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    The North American Leg of the tour is coming to an end??

    Must be the rest of the world is next.

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